Solbank Development Update (October 2021)

Hi Solbank fans, we have been hard at work delivering v1.0 of our privacy dApp as originally outlined in our roadmap.

We are on track to release the intial release of the dApp with SOL functionality, alongside SBNK staking. The release cycle for the next two months will proceed as follows:

  • UAT Testing Release — Late November

This dApp release will include the following functionality at launch:

  • SOL privacy pools with standardised deposit/withdraw amounts (ie. 0.1, 1.0, 10.0 SOL)

In addition, we have a sneak peak into the front-end. We are focusing on ease-of-use and legibility when compared to other solutions such as

Thank you for bearing with us as we approach the first delivery of our roadmap. As always your feedback once we launch will be extremely valuable in ensuring we are building the most user-friendly and useful platform possible!

Finance Unchained

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